CRA Testimonial - Judy LeRose

When did you achieve your CRA and why did you decide to pursue the credential?
I became a CRA in 2004. I wanted to become a CRA as part of my own professional development. I believe in professional excellence and obtaining this credential meant that I had achieved this in my field of expertise.

Does your job description have “CRA preferred”?
All of the radiology directors at Novant Health have the same job description. We recently revised it to state "CRA preferred." I took the exam for my own professional development. At the time, I was not employed at Novant Health and this credential was not necessary at my other position.

Does your HR know about the CRA?
They do not; however, our coproate compensation department does know about this credential and they try to recruit those who have the CRA as one of their credentials.

Have you referred a peer to take the test?
I have encouraged my supervisors and managers that report to me to obtain the credential. I did hire an operations manager who is already a CRA and am mentoring a supervisor who wants to obtain the credential.

Have you shared your story with your management team?
I have shared with members of my department management team.

Any additional comments?
I've been a member of AHRA since 1989 and have always felt that this organization has been there as a professional resource. I have formed many lasting friendships through networking and going to the meetings.

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CRA Logo Usage

Candidates who successfully complete the Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) examination may use the Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) logo as a graphic symbol of the individual’s accomplishment. To obtain permission for usage of the CRA logo, review the Guidelines and completion of the Certified Radiology Administrator Program Agreement.